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Surrounded by Books

One of the world’s greatest living investor, Charlie Munger often mentions that during his long career he never met any person who did not have a good reading habit and had anything valuable to say. Anyone familiar with Munger would immediately identify it as a typical Mungerism. There is some truth in the statement, but it is essentially a hyperbole.

There are different ways of learning and knowing. For instance, imagine that you are not at all familiar with I-pad (or any other tablet or android device) and you get one as a gift. How would you figure how to operate it? Some people would ask a friend. Some people would prefer watching another person operate it. I would rather read a manual on I- pad. That is my instinct. Infact, in this particular example reading about an I- pad is not the best way to learn. Moral of the fable is you should not be close minded and rigid about your preferred way of learning.

But as far as rigid and close minded ways of learning go, books are perhaps the best. This blog is not about these, those or other types of books. But rather about analysing, interpreting and figuring out the world, one good book at a time.

–          Amaresh


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