Preparing for Meditation

The popular perception about meditation is that it is about stopping your thoughts and concentrating on a point. However a more befitting description will be that it is about getting behind your thoughts. There are some techniques that can help you achieve the same.
Lighting a good incense smell in the room helps. While you meditate, your intellectual thoughts or emotional worries will try and run in your head. To detach yourself from them, you can simply focus on your breathing. A good smell in the room will help you come back to the smell, while you are trying to step back from your thoughts.

Although an advanced stage of meditation is where all the visual projections are coming to you unconsciously (from the sub-conscious mind); certain visualizations can help you in the initial few minutes of meditation. For example, you can visualize a protective shield around you-which is blocking the noise of all the ephemeral information, that doesn’t seem relevant to your currently defined purpose. You can visualize yourself as an eagle and look down on your own daily routine with a god like detachment. You can imagine yourself flying over all the companies that you are trying to analyze and visualize them presenting their information to you.
You can also visualize yourself sitting in a library or in a cave or any other imagery of your own personal sanctuary. As you get deeper into your meditation and are able to relax more, the sub- conscious impressions from all the financial data that you have gleamed over should start speaking to you. It is not easy for someone who is recently initiated into meditation, to distinguish between conscious mental projections (either intellect driven thoughts or mind driven emotions) and unconscious projections, which are coming from the subconscious thoughts.
The subconscious should be allowed to flow freely guided by your intuition. Let it speak to you. Sometimes the stream of images, are coming from sub-conscious but after some time your intellect or mind interferes in them. The acid test is to ask yourself; that are these projections coming from a ego less consciousness or am I now thinking (or feeling) from my own point of view, about things that concern “me”. Indian Yogis advice a technique of saying “neti neti neti”;which translates into “not this not this not this”. Whenever you feel you are meditating about your conscious thoughts that are coming from your ego consciousness you can tell yourself – not this, this only concerns the selfish me. Let me take the really detached perspective.

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