Another essay on Bhagavad Gita

One cannot take business too seriously.


It is a game after all. For every great deal that you negotiate, someone else will be handed over thebad end of the contract. For every great killing you make in the stock market, someone else will losethe money. For every great bargain you find for investment; someone else will have sold his family silver cheaply.

No wonder the game gets tiring after some time. And it doesn’t only get tiring for those who do notknow how to play the game. It gets tiring even for those who have been winning at the game alltheir life – CEOs, Venture Capitalists and Serial Entrepreneurs. Such people have very sharp instinctsabout power and money; and more importantly how people react to power and money. They knowhow to play their clients, investors and employees by sensing their responses to the changes in thewinds of fortune. Most people just play along in the direction of such tides; winners are playgroundinstructors.


However how long can you keep playing? Playing builds fatigue in the body after all. It involvesmanoeuvring, manipulation and trickery. If business is warfare (as the cliché goes), all warfare isbased on deception. Sooner or later you will run into a better player who will make you play along.Doesn’t it make sense to just quit once you have won enough?

If you know that deep down, you have the best long term intentions in mind for clients, investorsand employees, you can keep playing. If you are playing in tune with a higher moral consciousness,you can keep playing. If you know that your agenda is synchronized with the agenda of the universalhuman soul, you can keep playing.And magically your chances of winning will go up significantly.


Such is the game of the enlightened business leader. So how does one get in synch with this“universal human soul”. The learning starts when a business leader realizes that most of his effortwill leave only a tiny mark on the cosmos. It is unlikely that whatever he is building will last morethan a few decades. Even the greatest companies in the world would not survive for more than acentury. And people rarely remember businessmen fondly. Sure they can donate a lot to charities,build hospitals and get university libraries named after them. But like most Kings of yesteryears werefeared rather than respected, business tycoons are loved for what they can give, rather than forwhat they are.


This line of thought is bordering on the absurd. After all in the very long run almost everything willdissolve into nothingness. Countries, continents, our planet and even our galaxy. If nothing reallysurvives, then should everyone give up.


If you think about it, something does survive and gets passed on. Some energy from somewherekindred life on our planet. Evolution of the species finally made way for the human race. At everystage of progress, human generations were passing some sort of cumulative knowledge, traits andgenes for the future. Every human life is capable of lighting some flame in another one. The churn ofeveryday ephemeral life, creates something which is passed on for eternity. That something is verydifficult to express in prose, poetry comes close; but actually you can only meditate on it. Perhapsthat is as close you get to knowing God. You can also call it the higher moral consciousness or theuniversal human soul.

The dust and grime of everyday business life, flames something in soul of an enlightened businessleader that keeps him going. Different functions of an organization can be conceptualized asteachers or gurus, trying to cultivate enlightning qualities in you. Thus the ancient wisdom fromVedic India, can be tied to the modern contemporary life.


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