Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

EQMost Philosophers are half dead

– Plato

Emotional intelligence (abbreviated as EQ) has become a cliché in the popular culture.  Part of the reason why the cliché has become so popular is that it gives people hope. Even if you have a low IQ, you can be very successful still, by working in your EQ. Further hope is handed over by pointing that EQ is very learn able. However the curious thing is why people with high IQ, often have low EQ.

For the sake of argument, lets say that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who operate on intellectual and intuitive level and those who operate on an emotional and sense level. People who are operate on an emotional and sense level are not aware of their own emotions. Since they are not aware of their own emotions, they will not be very good at managing the emotions of others. For them the path of cultivating emotional intelligence starts with developing self awareness.

People who operate on intellect level can lake emotional awareness because they try and solve everything with a logical and rational approach. This is actually the right approach to take because rationality and logic takes you closer to the truth. Such people are already self aware. However they do not realize that there is no point in telling the rational truth to an emotional person.

More curious still is the low emotional intelligence of intuitive and imaginative people. The poets, and musicians often extremely sensitive yet jerks to the people around them.  A philosopher would have both intellect and imagination yet can lack EQ. Part of the reason is that such people can create a realm so beautiful in their head, that they become heedless to the people around them.

I think the road to cultivating EQ for such people starts with the realization, that there is no point using reason with an emotional person, or emotions with a sense driven person. Even a very rational person cannot handle the truth. Most of the people are not true to their own self. And the last mile of rationality is to be true to your own self, and let others take their own pace.

– Amaresh

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