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April 14, 2013

The Origin of the Species: Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin The Origin of The Species

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal”

– Picasso

The manner in which rock fans argue in favour of their bands on internet forums is pretty juvenile. Perhaps it has got something to do with the fact that most rock fans are in fact – juvenile. However, the stronger hypothesis is that rock fans project some of their egos on to their favourite musicians and thus they argue so irrationally in favour of them. In this rock fans are no different from sports fan who project their egos on to their sports team (have you noticed that when your favourite team loses you sigh – they lost, but whenever they are triumphant you exclaim – we won!!).

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April 11, 2013

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (revisited)


Post by Guest Author:

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”…catchy title for a book indeed!. It had caught my attention and became part of conscious mind while growing up surrounded by popular western cultural influences in an urban milieu of my country. And you can laugh at my naiveté, when I tell you that at the time I had taken the title in the literal sense, as the metaphorical implications of words had not yet developed fully for my understanding. It kept cropping up time and again around me till I graduated from my college. But, in spite of the catchy title and the colourful animated book cover, I had never bothered to actually get hold of the book, until recently, when one fine day my husband of 4 years bought home a cheap and pirated paperback version of the book.

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April 7, 2013

Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi


I picked this one up on an impulse when I was browsing a fancifully famous book store in Hauz Khas, Delhi. While leaving I started feeling guilty for not purchasing anything, and saw this book. I had already seen the movie on the other more famous book by the same author, Persepolis. This book is to Persepolis, what Godfather 3 was to Godfather 2, a really lame follow up. However the book does make one good point.

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April 5, 2013

Affluenza by Oliver James


The plot of the books is simple. We are all becoming greedier. Some countries are greedy than others. People want material goods because they see others hoarding them, even though they do not have much need for them. Hoarding material goods is not the answer. Does the book give you an answer?

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April 4, 2013

The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien


I am cheating here. I have not actually read the book. I just watched the first installment of Hollywood’s interpretation of the book. However I could easily connect to some of the standard themes from Lord of the Rings. Both books have similar morals to teach – how the most primitive creatures can play as crucial a role, as the mighty ones (thou shall not be arrogant), how the wise are tolerant and the evil ones are not, how the management style of the evil tyrant is to keep their subordinates scared and demoralized (sounds familiar?). However many scenes also made me wonder about the reasons for the works of Tolkien being considered sacred texts by the hippies.

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